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I am entirely persuaded that the agitations of the public mind advance its powers, and that at every vibration between the points of liberty and despotism, something will be gained for the former. As men become better informed, their rulers must respect them the more. --- Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, 1802.

   Concerns of our police officers and citizens: Pre-2004
  Critical   Urgent   Resolved   Improving   Need Update

Color of dot following item reflects interest level, number = importance, RESOLVED = single  l

  • Bring SWORN officers up to national average (2.5 per 1,000 population and realistic patrol staffing) lll l l l lllll
  • Return to having sworn officer (supervisor) presence in the ComCenter l
  • Return to two-officer patrol units, a major officer safety issue for swing and graveyard.l
  • Investigate and evaluate "Strategic Plan" to modify NPO program. lll
  • Account for $60 million in COPS grants and little net gain in sworn personnel. ll
  • Audit of consultant contracts, purpose and findings, impact on terminations and cost to taxpayers. lll
  • Achieve diversity through hiring new officers; not encouraging (forcing) early retirement! ll  
  • Halt the exodus of experienced officers to other agencies. lllll
  • Review authority to appoint civilian as an acting deputy chief. llll
  • Improve ComCenter, solve staffing shortfalls and set up a Watch Group Hot line. lll 
  • Bolster Traffic Division and enforcement to take us off the worst in the state list. 
  • Concern for the risks of civilian CSO's/CSI's driving marked patrol cars (Allowed to roll Code-3? Conflicting answers) lllll
  • Knox box keys for our cops - update due. l
  • Begin a rational policy on citizen's right to obtain concealed weapon permit. lll 
  • Enforcement of PC 666, Review 10851 policy (borrowed autos), Misdemeanor arrests enforced (Improvement seen) lll 
  • Review and redesign waterway enforcement and patrol programs ll
  • Develop resources to deal with sudden and unusual occurrences on our vast waterways ll
  • Body Armor for Animal Control Officers (Administrators opposes wearing even if they buy their own) ll



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