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Community Policing,Community Watch,Law Enforcement, internet crime taskforce,crime news,Parole Issues,Crime Prevention,COPS Grants,Public Records,Police Staffing,Officer Safety,Traffic Enforcement,Megan's Law,Cyber Crime,Identity Theft,Discussion Forums,Caught On Tape,Behind the Badge,National Night Out,Second Amendment,Crime WebCams,Cyber Stalkers,Graffiti Abatement,Dumb Criminals,Success Stories,Restitution,Online Academy
07/18/2015 05:42:17 PM

Updates to Policing in Sacramento, CA 


To those who Protect and Serve
While we may question local government, we never lose faith in you!
You are the glue that holds together the sometimes fragile fabric of our society.

In 2015 our COMMITMENT grows stronger:

In hopes of EXPANDING we need a hand up:

Would You Consider Helping with our Funding needs?


If you find value in what we've done for 19 years to advocate for our Police Officers, support our District Attorney in Felony cases and our Community Watch Patrols during Peak Crime hours of 10 PM to 3 AM Thurday through Sunday in Midtown, we're asking for a little help to meet growing expenses. Your financial gift in any amount will go to:

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Today We're in BLUE - Are You?

To our Neighbors who Protest - Please Remember


The Lord at Work

We were spared serious weather. Still, wet leaves on the roadway can be like driving on an emergency vehicle operations SKID PAD. Sudden breaking or turns may find you in an uncontrolled skid into parked cars or worse, into an intersection and collision with another vehicle.

On a happier note - the main storm cells  passed, street flooding receded and the good news was shared with this photo.


NO UNITS AVAILABLE on every shift and in every District!

Is the Sacramento Police Department an Essential Service
In the Minds of the Mayor, City Manager and City Council?

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing BUT the Truth!




Crimewatch has been reporting on heroes for almost two decades.
Join the effort to RESTORE PUBLIC SAFETY
Or Call us: (916) 520-1551 (Skype)


 Sacramento Police K9 Bodie did just that !

Click on the above image to learn more about this Canine Hero
Hear the police radio traffic and SPD Officer's professionalism.


No one in Sacramento would reveal the violent criminal history of shooter Lucas Jerome Webb. WHY?  FACT: Lucas had been released from the Butte County Jail due to overcrowding  when he was shot and killed Friday by a Sacramento police officer after he shot the officer's K9 partner.

After Crimewatch posted this violent offender's Butte County history on Sunday, 5-20-12 no media picked up on the story from Chico news media. Local media then shocks us with a sob story from parolee Leslie McCulley, the shooter's girlfriend and accomplice.


Crime in Progress - Police couldn't come at all!

8:09 PM - 17 minutes inside 5:32 AM - 3 minutes inside 6:33 AM - No Entry

Four attempted break-ins in 12 hours - two succeeded with property losses!
Sacramento Police were called - No Response! - None of the evidence booked!

August 22, 2013 - 5:35 AM

A high ranking member of the Department explains:

"As you know, with our reduced resources, many of the types of crimes you mention ... we no longer have the ability to investigate, and in fact may not even respond to the call."




If a Crimewatch Volunteer photographed graffiti vandalism on or about your property  and left a note with you or a tenant, please help our Police and DA with this criminal prosecution. We hope to insure victim restitution from the two adults now in custody now. Both have prior offenses.

The District Attorney's Office is accepting the new evidence for victims.


Some Call us ALARMISTS? Really?

January 8, 2012

Governor Jerry Brown more likely to allow the
release of paroled killers from prison!

Or Call us: (916) 520-1551 (Skype)


TO THE CRIMINALS DELIGHT! "The Police Department will only investigate the most serious and high profile crimes and will no longer conduct follow up investigations of misdemeanor and most felony property crimes."

NEXT TIME YOU DRIVE WITH YOUR FAMILY and LOVED ONES or CALL 911!: "The elimination of traffic enforcement teams will result in increased traffic accidents and DUI related incidents. The Police Department will no longer conduct field reporting except in the most serious traffic incidents. Victims will be required to self‐report online or make reports at the one remaining public counter at Police Headquarters."


July 30, 2009 - 1.46 sworn officers per 1,000 residents?
San Francisco has 2.74 officers per 1,000 residents.

July 2010 Current Chief Sam Somers - 804 officers serving us!

June 2011 - Cut 167 police positions - crime will go down?

616 Sworn Officers

2011 - They called them savings?

Fox 40 news June 7, 2011: "The Sacramento Police department issued a Tweet right after the council vote: “We will be laying off 150+ police staff, eliminate narc / gangs / pop / mounted / bikes / boat / magnet prog / traffic / car theft det.” 

2012 - What has changed?
Join the effort to RESTORE PUBLIC SAFETY
Call us: (916) 520-1551 (Skype)

December 2011 we filed a Public Records Act request.
(Operations Patrol Staffing Levels) we received the table below.

Comparing this data to the current City budget and a more recent "Program Costs by Category" report reviewed at the Special Council Session on January 24th at 2 PM, no one can seem to provide staffing numbers that seem consistent. The report City Council approved puts patrol at 490 officers. Also according to that report, Patrol is $10 million in the red budget-wise against the total of $11 million overall for SPD. If cuts to SPD do move forward, ask yourself just where will those cuts come from? The ANSWER? We have information Patrol is well under 300 officer to cover 400 square miles on 6 Patrol Districts.

Speaking only as the webmaster and host for Crimewatch, I've done my best to bring facts to the table and ask questions that have gone unanswered for almost  two decades.

Most of our citizens don't seem overly concerned with the losses to police resources, overconcentration of convicted felons being dumped on our streets and the crime that results. If our neighbors are that disengaged what might we have expected had Checks and Balances Act of 2012 appeared on a ballot?


Sacramento's Firefighters

The firefighters in our city have made many concessions to help with closing budget deficits caused, in part, by a poorly managed City of Sacramento.

What if they hadn't come in time?

Well... they did then - 19th and H Street - Can they after June 30, 2012?

A defective gas heater exploded with an elderly woman trapped inside. The landlord had illegally installed double key dead bolt locks and the lady could not get to her keys. A neighbor kicked the door in while we put water on the wood shingled roof of the two story Victorian next door and helped evacuate those neighbors.

FAST response from Sacramento Fire Department saved lives and eight rental units next door to Crimewatch Center that night.


19 years of Service with Many Issue and Great Stories


Deadly Traffic
Sacramento officer goes public with facts and stats!
Click on Image

Hip-Hop Riots
How far will City Hall go to protect greedy rap promoters and problem clubs?
Read Reports

The Parole Reform Effort - Officer Safety Mandate! Community Policing Training Workshop Sector Three's A-Team - Pitbull Cops! Who let the Watchdog out?
Fugitive Loren Antonio is a classic example of high risk parolee. A murderer, child rapist and parolee at large, he was allowed to escape for a lack of patrol officers. He raped kids again.
Read our report on parole
An angry Chief canceled the first session set up with the 911 Center. For two years we kept the pressure on. The results speak for themselves and the community won, 
Read the in-depth report.
Sgt. Tom Cooper called them "The A Team" and without them, we'd have failed.  Dave Nakata and his partner George Chargin are two pit bulls who never fail us. 
Read one such story.
Television news and Talk Radio have been the only media to support the efforts of Community Watch. SN&R is the first print media to cover COPS issues in depth.
Read the Feature.




We Support Our Troops as well!
Veterans Virtual Memorial Village & Center

Blurring the line between reality and imagination

A new virtual world were veterans past and present can enjoy a unique family friendly village, share intimate conversation in their own virtual apartment or explore the world together with their children and friends. The Village is inspirational and other parts of the world entertaining and fun at the same time. Software download and install is easy and secure.

Enjoy our July 4th 2009 Groundbreaking and Salute to Veterans Past and Present



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