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   Being part of a solution, whether as volunteer or in advancing your career, is a rewarding experience. Community Watch offers a professional working environment to craft new skills or improve on ones your already possess. What's really rewarding is seeing the results and knowing you made them possible.

   Volunteer Positions Available:

  • Internet On-line Community Host
  • Spokesperson - Public Relations
  • Report takers/writers (trained by SPD)
  • Dispatch, radio and Bike Patrol volunteers

   Student Positions Available:

  • Police Department Liaison (Public Admin. Major)
  • Work-Study - PR Intern - Sponsor Communications
  • Work-Study - LAN/WAN System Administration
  • Work-Study - HTML web page authoring and management.

Be part of the Solution

  We've covered just a few of the positions it takes to operate Community Watch. We think our members will bring their own personal interests to bear in rounding out a full service program for our community and provide leadership outside local boundaries. This is, after all, about networking... on a global scale. One unique asset from working with us is the friends you'll make in a variety of disciplines. Neighbors, officers, governmental leaders and visitors are reduced to one common denominator. Interest in building a safer and better America. Titles mean little when you share the common ground. You'll make friends that will last a lifetime.

  Your journey with us may take you before the Legislature, the City Council or Board of Supervisors as an advocate for an improved quality of life in our city. You'll have unlimited research access via our connections on the Net. You'll see what other citizens and police agencies in other cities are doing to solve problems similar to ours. You'll work with neighborhood officers on real-time projects, not just meetings.

  Our Center is a safe comfortable place. Located in Midtown, it has easy access to the Capitol, City and County government and police department headquarters. There is ample off-street parking. You may just want to relax with some on-line chat and enjoy fresh brewed coffee in the galley. We've had some folks stop in a make cookies or cook for a potluck. The general idea is to keep it simple and make it fun. The Center is open seven days a week, 10 A.M. to midnight.

   For more information please call:

  • LETS Info Bureau - (916) 448-2619
  • CCW Faxline - (916) 444-0935
  • CCW Hotline - (916) 448-2619

   Or send an e-mail message to:

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