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Proud to be a Police OfficerPROUD TO BE A POLICE OFFICER!

   Their mission is as old as recorded time. You'll find reference to it in the Bible in the Book of Romans, Chapter 13. It is a calling much like service to one's God. The men and women of law enforcement do take pride in serving as the peacekeepers of society. Some distinguish themselves above and beyond that calling. They have stepped through what some perceive to be a "Blue Wall of Silence" or "Them vs Us" way of thinking to engage and embrace rather than reject citizen partnerships in the community.

   Each has a story within a story. Over time, we'll try to share some of the "in the trenches" experiences, humor and successes of these partnerships. There is no fluff to these accounts, and some evolved out of frustration in neighborhoods over rising crime and limited resources. Sometimes these relationships became strained or withdrawn due to other pressing priorities. At the end of the day, the results are what speak to the successes, nothing more, nothing less.

   Do you have a beat cop, NPO or other police agency employee whose story deserves recognition? Please let us know. Keep in mind some are shy and prefers a "low-profile" even though they've demonstrated what it takes to be real community cops.


Steve Salandez

Sgt. Steve Hinkson, Sector 1 Day Watch
Steve Hinkson

Dave Nakata and George Chargin

Dubbed "The A Team" by their Patrol Supervisor, Sgt. Tom Cooper, these two officers have done more to support our Community Watch than we could ever cover here.
Just one typical story can be read at Caught on Tape.


Lt. Pat Dowden - OUR TOP COP! (Always a Watch Commander to SCCW)
Since September 1975, Pat Dowden has served the citizens of Sacramento with distinction and professionalism. One of Sacramento's most decorated officers, for bravery and duty above the call, Pat will be missed in our neighborhood more than words alone can say. Pat never shrank from his belief that informed community activists could be the best asset of Community Policing!  Pat earned our support and appreciation for all he's done for Sacramento over the years!


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