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Resolution of The Honorable Bill Leonard, 63rd Assembly District relative to commending
Steve Salandez

WHEREAS, officer Steve Salandez of the Sacramento Police Department has unselfishly served his community with great dedication and distinction for the past fourteen years, and as he embarks on the next challenging phase of his career, as an officer with the Santa Monica Police Department, it is appropriate at this time to extend to him special recognition and the highest commendation for his outstanding record of public service; and

WHEREAS, a graduate of the California State University Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, officer Steve Salandez joined the Sacramento Police Department in 1984 and has been a Problem Oriented Police Officer since 1996; and

WHEREAS, his achievements include helping to build a partnership between the Sacramento Police Department and the California State University Sacramento Police Department, establishing working relationships with several key state law enforcement agencies, helping to negotiate a one year MOU with the California Highway Patrol that provides an officer on loan, contributing to a prototype field training manual currently used by the Sacramento Police Department, and being recognized by the River Park Neighborhood Association for dedication to community policing; and

WHEREAS, officer Salandez increased his value to the Sacramento Police Department and to the advancement of law enforcement through his involvement in the Sacramento Police Officer's Association, International Police Association, California Peace Officer's Association and the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers; and

WHEREAS, he organized a Problem Oriented Policing Conference with sixty law enforcement officers representing the California Highway Patrol, Vallejo Police Department, Sacramento County Sheriffs Department, Citrus Heights Police Department and the Sacramento Police Department; and

WHEREAS, officers Salandez trained 25 police officers who successfully became full time police officers, and earned one of the highest ratings as a Field Training Officer; he also commanded over ten multi-police operations that helped reduce crime in the downtown area; now, therefore be it,

RESOLVED by Assembly member Bill Leonard, that officer Salandez of the Sacramento Police Department be commended for his superior record of dedicated and highly effective law enforcement service and extended the sincere gratitude and appreciation of the public.

Member Resolution No. 1485
Dated this 11th Day of June, 1998.

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