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August 21, 2012

Update to Discussion on Felons





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January 5, 2000 - 1500 hours 

Update to Discussion Forum

Sacramento police sergeant improving today. 
We have received comments from police forums around the country commenting on the good fortune of Steve Weinrich's vest save and the account of the shooting here. Some officers are rethinking not wearing their vests. "That tape of the incident makes your hair stand on end!!! I'm glad the officer was wearing his vest!!!" "Chilling" reported another.



Mixed messages raise questions. Steven Thomas, candidate for the 8th District City Council Seat, was quick to rush to judgment about police pursuits, calling for a ban to all of them. We find it interesting that some members of our community, who are often critical of police for "rushing to judgment", exempt themselves when laying blame on the Chief's doorstep. I may not be a fan of Art Venegas and suggest he could have been even more resolute in support of his officer's actions, but clearly, his characterization of parolee Daniels was on the mark. 


Some of us don't buy it! Civic leader and community activist Jim Hastings was clear in his reaction to Thomas' remarks. "Mr David Scott Daniels was and is a monster with a record of violence and venom that has killed an innocent woman and severely injured one of our "finest". That District 8 Council candidate Steve Thomas places the blame for this death on a police pursuit of this animal is reprehensible. Mr. Thomas would better spend his time and energy on correcting a penal and court system that repeatedly gave Daniels a "hunting license" and a defacto gun permit by releasing him into our neighborhoods."


In our national internet forum tonight, we will be discussing many of the issues with police officer members and citizens alike.

Deadly pursuit, innocent victims, murder suspect, would be cop killer and banned assault weapon. Poster Child for the Death Penalty? Community Watch examines these issues tonight.

Tomorrow we'll examine the media, prosecutor's and law enforcement's tendency to report "allegations" versus the smoking gun, in the hands of a killer. The local paper reported today that no decision has been made on whether to seek the death penalty against Daniels. We have something to say to Chief Deputy District Attorney John O'Mara! The other option is life in prison without parole?  Many of us don't think there should be ANY option!

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January 2, 2000 - 0730 hours  Officer Down - Killer Captured
David Scott Daniels: Parolee at Large, Murder Suspect, Armed Robber and would be Cop Killer ends manhunt in fiery crash that kills an innocent victim and the shooting of Sacramento Police Sergeant Steven Weinrich. Sgt. Weinrich's gunshot wounds were not fatal. The saga may have began early this morning when south area patrol officers came upon suspicious circumstances and alerted homicide detectives who had just gone off duty after a night long surveillance at several local motels. Even earlier, a suspect booked into jail had a Bee photo of Daniels raising more questions and reports of informant tips from contacts throughout the night.

There are more questions than answers about this killer and his ruthless, machine gun wielding crime spree that began in Sacramento a month or more ago with multiple armed robberies and a murder during a home invasion robbery. His trail moved to Fresno, then Turlock, with car jackings in the wake and a hail of Tac-9 fire against pursuing Turlock police.

About 7:00 a.m. this morning Sacramento Police engaged Daniels in a brief pursuit. While driving a new Camero, stolen in Stockton, he lost control speeding westbound on Mack Road. Spinning out, the vehicle struck a pole blowing out a rear tire and sending the vehicle Eastbound toward Center Parkway.

There Daniels struck another vehicle which burst into flames trapping the lone occupant inside. Officers were held at bay when Daniels refused to show his gun hand, claiming to be pinned in the wreckage. The audio file of the events as they unfold, demonstrates both the compassion for trapped victims, and the extreme hazards the few officers on scene faced. Watch Commander John Kane led his team into action and they unflinchingly did their duty.

The obligation to render emergency aid to a murdering potential cop killer, if really injured, and the risks to officer safety, were paradoxical. It appears Lt. Kane's and Sgt. Weinrich's concern and need to know if the suspect was injured or armed, could have had more deadly consequences. Without question, that would have been Daniels intent. One bullet passed through his badge and was stopped by his vest (Click here), a likely fatal wound without body armor. The other round went up his leg, lodging in abdomen but no bones were broken or major blood vessels hit.

Only KCRA-3 had covered this story by 9:00 a.m. One wonders why! The termination of a statewide manhunt, an officer shot, another innocent victim killed in a fiery crash and the lack of public information long before this incident begs investigation into the lack of distribution of wanted parolee's and fugitive's mug shots. We've asked for them, the media would air them, why isn't it there? Local news hadn't received much information on this incident other than on the scene. We're going to examine that issue later, while offering prayers for the victim of the killer and thanks for sparing the life of one of Sacramento's finest.

For the audio track of this incident, from initial crash to suspect in custody, click on this link.

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