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Community Policing,Community Watch,Law Enforcement, internet crime taskforce,crime news,Parole Issues,Crime Prevention,COPS Grants,Public Records,Police Staffing,Officer Safety,Traffic Enforcement,Megan's Law,Cyber Crime,Identity Theft,Discussion Forums,Caught On Tape,Behind the Badge,National Night Out,Second Amendment,Crime WebCams,Cyber Stalkers,Graffiti Abatement,Dumb Criminals,Success Stories,Restitution,Online Academy
09/13/2010 12:32:19 AM

Update to Police Staffing


Is there a credibility gap with Deputy Chief Steve Segura? We took our case to City Hall. We were met with hostility and denial.

Webmaster's Update:  After we made contact (privately via e-mail) with our elected representative, Mr. Cohn chose to respond to our concerns with a copy to the Chief and Deputy Chief Segura.  It that message he said "Your assertion that the Deputy Chief lied to the Council last week is a very serious accusation."  Did we question the report from the Deputy Chief... you bet!  Did any of our members call him or anyone else in police management a liar? ABSOLUTELY NOT but Cohn's putting words in our mouths and the Chief's reply to that message fall short of the truth test.  When asked for the CAD records that would bear out the truth the Chief said he was under no obligation to us to provide them. WORTH GOING TO COURT OVER? That jury is still out but we know there will be more such issues surface in statements to the media and on the public record.

Police spokeswoman Michelle Lazark in an interview with KFBK News said this was a one time thing!  Did the city forget the Summer of 2000 and this riot at 17th & K Streets?

Hear the ACTION as it happened!
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92,000 law abiding citizen enjoyed Black Culture Day at the fair. The troublemakers arrived late and at closing time, refused to leave. When they were ejected, hear how they behaved in our midtown neighborhoods. 

Saturday night was worse and took longer to gain some semblance of control!

It's hard to follow the unlimited time given to city staff to tout statistics that may be confusing at best or deceptive at worst. Hard to refute issues in three minutes when numbers are thrown out at random. Who are we to question authority? Were we treated to that tonight?  In my opinion yes!  In the next few days we'll fine tune the case we've presented to Sacramento City Council on February 8, 2005.  We've heard their side and it conflicts with ours.  Lets have a level playing field. We didn't make up our information... it was dished up by the very officers and their supervisors as the incident unfolded.  If we're wrong, so is the radio log, so are the calls pending and so is the record you can read below.  That record is generated by Sacramento Police Communications.

Ms. Sheedy saw the facts:  4 police units on a weekday morning shift for the entire area North of the American River.  Mr. Cohn saw the facts:  3 police units for an area bound by the Sacramento River on the West, American River on the North, Watt Avenue (County line) to the East and highway 50 on the South. Again, not our numbers but those typed on official police documents.

Why the silence?  Why the reluctance to give us an accurate head count of actual filled positions on our police force?  The Chief knows we support hiring the officers we need to live up to the image of a world class city. But it starts with communicating the facts and building trust from there.

So, now what?  Some numbers and statements were placed on the table tonight.  We take issue with them.  Taxpayers paid a lot of money for one of the most leading edge Records Management and Computer Aided Dispatch systems around.  Print out the entire call chief and show us where the radio traffic is wrong.

I don't know what troubles us more; thugs coming into our downtown area, holding our city hostage and spilling out into our neighborhoods or the questionable statements made about how it was handled.

Lets examine what we perceive as just one conflict with the statements made on the public record by the Deputy Chief and the City Manager.  They said calls for service city wide were light Saturday night.  They said there were 102 patrol officers working city-wide, with only 30 officers involved downtown.  That means we should be able to find 72 patrol officers in other sectors.  We offer three audio files as evidence:

Victor 36 (a two officer car) is the only police unit working Sector 3 from 9th Street downtown east to Watt Ave (The County Line) He is the only unit responding to calls for service that we can identify. Victor 36 jumps from call to call throughout the evening, waiting for units to free up so he can handle the growing party. He's done his job once, but wants the resources to complete it. There are none available to him.
While Victor 36 handles other calls, the party and traffic rolling into this East Sac neighborhood get totally out of control. The SPD dispatcher searches for available unit and finding none contacts a Sac State unit for assistance at the suggestion of 1Sam3 the grave yard Sector 3 Sergeant. From the first call on this party, to the conclusion of it East Sacramento resident have to put up with this incident for 70 minutes.
Dispatch get a "927(p)" call which might otherwise be the higher priority burglary in progress call.  The grave yard sergeant clearly recognizes that fact and asks for a cross sector dispatch from neighboring Sector 6 (Oak Park area) All units in that sector are tied up on a disturbance call involving about 70 vehicles that may have come from downtown.



The question remains unanswered:  Where were those 72 officers if none were available in Sector 3 or 6 when needed? We were told calls for service that night were light.  The Daily Activity Summary filed by the Sector 3 Swing Shift supervisor reads, "Steady high volume of calls for service" and appears in conflict with the public statement.

As a matter of fact, the Deputy Chief, by coincidence, picked the exact same time Victor 36 is asking for help to provide the City Council with a "snapshot" of calls pending (in cue) at 11:30 PM.  He cites 16 calls pending city-wide with 5 of those in the Central City. 

What kind of calls were going out to police when problems began in Old Sacramento and Downtown.  We just happened to pass that data along to our members as it was happening.

----- Original Message -----
To: Crimewatch List
Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2005 8:01 PM
Subject: Coming to your neighborhood!

It's only 7:30 PM on Saturday night:
Three adults just held up the Subway on J Street. The downtown sergeant bagged the two female suspects but the male black suspect with the weapon is headed toward Blvd. Park on 21st.  He's wearing dark clothes, a beanie cap and carrying two Subway bags. He has three tear drop tattoos on his face.  That's the chopper you may have heard overhead until that air unit was diverted on a LoJack hit (stolen Lexus SUV)
At the same time as our robbery, a car jacking occurred at Howe and College Town. Male suspect beat driver to the ground at a convenience store and drove off with her car.
At the same as the car jacking another late model Lexus sedan was involved in a minor accident.  While exchanging information with the other driver, a third person jumped into the victim's car and drove off. Vehicle seen headed toward downtown from El Camino.
At the same time as the car theft,  North Area units scampered to cover these calls, a 911 call came in from Aden Mall reporting an armed robbery somewhere in the Mall. 
Just after the car theft, Downtown Plaza security calling for police backup over 200 juveniles and adults in a gang fight on the mall. (7th & K) Bike cops are enroute along with an East Sac area patrol officer. Short of a homicide in progress, expect long response times our East for the next hour.  Mall security has three in custody and says there's 200 more roaming the mall headed to 9th and K causing havoc along the way.  RT police are being called in because Bike 1 believes they all arrived on the trains before the near riot broke out.
Update: The Air unit is tracking the LoJack in the neighborhood of Richards Blvd. North B and 12th Street.  They lost the car.
It's early... and this is only our part of town and our neighbors to the north.

Quoting again from the Sector 3 Swing Shift Sergeant's Activity report: "Took 36 officers till 0200 to control the crowd."  As you'll see from the following details, we're making every effort to account for the actual number of officers involved and where they came from.  We can account for 25 officers, the Deputy Chief cites 26 and the patrol supervisor, 36. 

This is a rough draft of the key elements of the Downtown/Old Sac incident.

The log numbers are in minutes, seconds and tenths

060:00:00 would be an hour into the total recording time.  Time checks are given when the Com Center announces time at end an "All Units" broadcast.  I just haven't had time to calculate each log time to actual time of a given event. The audio record is just over six hours long.
Who's who in the police cars.  Some units are two officer cars some not. Some shifts and designators may not be exactly on the mark because we've not received the information we've requested.  Here's our best shot at parsing out what we heard.
1 Sam 3 is the grave yard sergeant for Sector 3  (first number is the shift, last number for the Sector.
3 Sam 3 is the swing shift sergeant for sector 3
The same numeric assignment applies to units except the last number is their assigned patrol district.  Sectors have 5 to 8 districts varying on their size.
Units with 10's is Sector 1, 20's Sector 2, 30's Sector 3 and so on to the 60's for Sector 6
Alpha units are grave yard (late shift) units 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM
Baker units are day watch (Mid-shift) units 1:00 PM to 1:00 AM
Victor/John units are grave yard units that sometime hit the street earlier than Alpha units
William Units are late swing shift units that work until 3:00 a.m.
Bike Units are assigned to Metro and we don't know what hours they work. Same for Mounted (Horses)  RT Units are Sac PD assigned to Rapid Transit
Lincoln 8 is the watch commander for the watch (sometimes city-wide)

Who, where what and when:

The Deputy Chief reported that 26 officers, two sergeants and a watch commander were deployed downtown and Old Sacramento.  The units we've identified by police radio traffic seems to come close to that number.  The impression that these deployments were planned and may have been added resources to normal city-wide staffing levels is where we part company.  Clearly, the vast majority of officers working at various times from 8:00 PM to 2:30 AM carried unit identifiers from the regular Sector and District assignments.  That suggests to us, those units were not replaced in their home districts.

Note:  the logging times (121:49.859) represent minutes:seconds:tenth/seconds from the time recording of police traffic began.  This would tend to suggest some of these units arrived well into the incident as some where just hitting the street for the grave yard shift or pulled from their home district as the watch commander realized he need more officers.  Only a printout of the call and unit history will clarify these units status throughout the incident.
Units that are normally assigned downtown core in District 31 Units that normally work in other Sector 3 Districts 30, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36. These units were downtown. Units that normally work in Sectors 1 and 2 (everything north of the American River.
Alpha 31
Baker 31 (unsure of identifier)
Bike 1
Bike 14
Mounted 10
3 Paul 1   Grave yard Paddy Wagon
3 Paul 3   Swing Paddy Wagon
3 Beat 31 Extra Wagon Crew

Civilian units
CSO 60 (from Sector 6)
CSI 32 for car shootings @ 336:04:635

Alpha 30
Alpha 34  @ 136:57:989
Alpha 35
Baker 30
Baker 34
John 35
John 36
- Front Street
Victor 32
William 33

William 34
William 35
Alpha 23 @ 301:17:047 7th & Capitol
John 21 @ 305:35:964
William 10
William 21
@ 190:02:203
William 23
@ 291:26:210
William 25
@ 119:23:388 to GP

Civilian units
CSO 24


Supervisors Downtown
1 Sam 3 - Grave Yard Supervisor
3 Sam 3 - Swing Shift Supervisor
Lincoln 8 - Watch Commander (may have been city-wide but was downtown)

Unknown if counted or if off/on duty sworn personnel
Security 18
Security 61 Parking Garage

Other Sector 3 Units working outside District 31

Victor 36* only East Area car we know worked some of the time in east area (Also pulled downtown)
Alpha 34* seems to be handling some calls  (will be pulled downtown)
86.19.583 - 2132 hours SPD to 4 channel operations. Sector 6 to channel 6
88:43:306 - 2134 hours
90:54:799 - 2136 hours
John 35 - 200 people on bikes/motorcycles 242 call with RT-47 and bike units.
111:50:162 Patrol unit logging off to become second wagon unit
113.25.540 50 people attempting to enter closed Downtown Plaza - blocking street
113:50:900 Alpha 30 taking bottles Front and K - John 36, Bike 1 & 14 rolling
118:58:344 - John 35 at 7th & K
William 25 North Area Unit to Old Sac GP
124:43:006 2210 hours 10:10 PM Time Check Sam 3 - "All units on the Old Sac Game Plan, Let's go to work." Curfew Enforcement
127:26:585 Lincoln 8 requesting air unit to respond downtown to test video downlink from WC's unit
Sam 3 running Maryland DL on car driving backwards at 35 mph
132:14:412 927 involving murder threat outside home, victim armed with shotgun. Sector 5 Sam unit requesting air support - advised none available.  3950 Mack Road
137:42:181 Lincoln 8 advises all unit to use ICC to capture "behavior" in area  John 35 advises subject throwing things at cars 4th and J with Bike 1
146:40:255 Crowd movement update
149:14:021 Sam 4 checking Victor 42 report of large group of cars 19th & Broadway Chevron coming in from Old Sac.
155:00:464 Sheriff's Air unit pulled off to handle 245 SSD call deep south.
172:58:014 SPD Air 1 on channel 3
174:03:037 Air unit advises a lot of people jumping on cars - Sam 3 advises they are outnumbered
175:25:975 Sam 3 advised he wants all William Units not assigned already to GP to come to Old Sac.
176:51:911 Lincoln 8 asks Air 1 is there are 1,000 people in the streets of Old Sac dancing?  Air 1 replies "Maybe 900"
183:02:852 Air 1 advises Sam 3 on Front Street large crowd jumping on vehicles as they pull out with some falling off.
183:27:401 Time check 2309 11:09PM
186:44:959 Lincoln 8 advises the owner of Ricky's nightclub is voluntarily closing due to an unruly crowd.
190:56:093 Victor 36 asks Com Center to call back complainant to see how many people they are talking about as he may need additional units.
193:14:101 Victor 36 advised additional caller that loud party is at 600 block San Antonio
1 Sam 3 (Grave yard Sgt) in Old Sac with Lincoln 8
197:54:871 Com Center pre-empt Victor 36 from party call to 242 at Fast Stop 750 46th
203:49:030  Sam 3 calling for more units - fights breaking out in tunnel 2nd & K
204:54:203 Time check 2330 11:30 PM Victor 36 advises 1 Sam 3 on San Antonio First Party Notice and that he's only unit available in the whole Sector. Believes some are from crowd in Old Sac. 1 Sam 3 advises him to keep him posted, may have to pull units from Sector 6 or CSUS.
205:40:814 Lincoln 8 asks Air 1 if he has video of downtown incidents. Air 1 advises he's recorded about twenty minutes or so at least.
205:56:787 Bike 1 asks for additional unit at 4th & K tunnel entrance.  3 Sam 3 advises he is taking 2/3 of the special units to clear the tunnel and 100-150 running everywhere.  Bike 1 & 14 advises they are running at them.
208:08:443 All units - Victor 36 - 40 vehicles just pulled up to San Antonio party. Victor 36 needs more units.  Another party call pending on La Riviera, no units.
210:50:281 505 Vehicle 28th & J AM/PM mini-mart
225:55:793 242 7th & L  7-25 male black adults fighting with one welling he was going to shoot someone - no gun seen.
227:43:612 15 to 20 male and female blacks in fight on side of Marshall Hotel. Bike 1 advises no fight from his view of group.
229:02:402 Bike 14 advises about 40 juveniles at 7th & K heading to bus station.
233:27:807 Lincoln 8 advises Air 1 to "secure" saying "I think we're good right now."
234:41:290 CSO 60 advises 3 Sam 3 new media on scene at 3rd and I requesting to come into area. Sam 3 advises "nobody comes in for now." Exception is parents picking up detained juveniles at 2nd and I streets.
235:38:683 All units advising there is reckless drivers (505s) crashing into other vehicles at San Antonio party.  Described as "a wall of vehicles from H Street to F Street" on San Antonio. Victor 36 advises they are clearing Fast Stop fight call to return to San Antonio but will need additional units when they arrive.  1 Sam 3 tells them to check with CSUS to see if they have units other wise they will have to pull from Sector 6. Victor 36 advises he'll needs 4 to 5 additional units if he can get them.
239:41:690 1 Sam 3 asking for update on CSUS units for Victor 36.  Adam 56 advised unsure if they have enough units. Sgt. checking with Sector 6 for available units.
242:23:584 Report of drag racing on San Antonia between D and E Streets.
242:38:844 0008 hours 12:08 AM  INFO ONLY - No Units 19th & Capitol vehicle pelting pedestrian with eggs.
242:59:744 1 Sam 3 requesting meet with Victor 36 and available units at 39th & J Street. Baker 34 advises in route from Old Sac.  Sam unit requesting air support. Alpha 36 and Victor 32 on call as well. Units advised to "Taser Up" by Victor 36. 
249:32:663 John 35 advised they are taking rocks at 3rd and J Streets
252:14:989 Report of shots fired and people running from area 9th and K street
254:05:296 Com Center advises Lincoln 8 that several units are available from the North Area. He advises "not at this time."
255:39:181 Pending 415 at 201 Richards Blvd. Chevron. Several juveniles drinking in parking lot with approx 10 vehicles.
257:55:739 Victor 36 advises he has six units to move on San Antonio. Air unit requested to light the area up when dispersal order given.
258:21:874 Pending call - no units injury accident 9th & J Street - Lincoln 8 advises to cross sector dispatch from Channel 1
261:19:225 Party on San Antonio began to clear out before units arrived. Report from Victor 36 is that it's clearing out. Victor 32 to handle injury accident, Code 4 north area units.
262:46:973 242 involving 75 subjects at 8th and J. Unfounded.
267:25:170 Air 1 advises down at Mather
274:18:592 Bike 1 advises a lot of reckless drivers heading down 7th Street along with foot traffic.
275:09:062 Bike unit requesting patrol car to stop vehicles doing doughnuts in the intersection and people "flying out of cars" at 7th and K.
276:25:107 Victor 36 and Alpha 33 going to party on La Rivera.
282:56:454 Lincoln 8 advises Bike 1 to extract themselves from hot spot at 7th and K.
289:49:981 3 Sam 3 advises subject are dancing on car hood at 7th & L Streets
290:09:540 Lincoln 8 advises 3 Sam 3 a media person will be coming up to him and filming behind him as they move up the street.
293:05:368 Lincoln 8 requests two additional officers cars for 7th @ L even if dispatch has to go city wide to find them. Victor 36 pulled from East Sac and Victor 25 from North Area.
297:31:871 Shots fired per Lincoln 8 at 6th and L streets.  Number of people running.
201:02:593 Witness located per Alpha 30 and suspect info being developed.
303:32:544 Report of possible involved party with blood splatter on white tank top, female black adult standing by an blue older four door model midsize car @ L Street and Capitol Mall.
304:40:885  Shooter description: Black male, 20 years, 5' 10" thin build, wearing grey hooded sweatshirt, light blue jeans. last seen at the tunnel entrance headed toward Macy's
308:05:394 Sector 3 priority call 8100 block Folsom Blvd - suspect trying to pry open woman's front window open. No units available. 1 Sam 3 asks if units available in Sector 6 for cross sector dispatch.  Advised none available because all unit tied up at Sonny's Cafe disturbance call.  Victor 36 pulled off other call to handle.
311:00:284 3 Sam 3 reviewing option to break down vehicle traffic diversions. Mustering at 7th & K
312:33:838 Shooting victim called in from 4th & I Street parking garage in a blue Toyota Celica.
318:38:605 Security 61 still searching for shooting victim.
319:41:140 Chevron advised they closed down but the 30 or so vehicles have moved over to the Days Inn parking lot.
326:23:387 Alpha 33 and Barker 34 sent to search for shooting victim.
328:36:585 Victim still calling Com Center. Thinks his injuries may be from shattered glass when bullet came through window.  No sure if he was hit by bullet too.
330:01:015 Holliday Inn guests downtown asking police when they can leave blocked hotel parking lot. 3 Sam 3 checking on it.
331:30:753 Baker 34 can't find shooting victim
332:49:544 Shooting victim finds 3 Sam 3 at 4th and L Streets.  He was on second floor of parking garage where he fled to get away from gunfire after his car being hit on the street. CSI 32 sent for photos and report.
345:26:328 - 01:15 hours 1:15 AM Time Check  Broadcast and cancel loud party 17th & L Street
349:31:720 - Holliday Inn calling again concerning guest being able to leave. Police units Breaking down barricades inside area.
353:09:318 0159 hours 1:59 AM Time Check - All units, drunk driver 26th & J Street to southbound 29th.
353:41:332  Units being freed up from GP to handle strong arm robbery call for service in midtown 18th & U Street.
364:17:786 Baker 34 approved to go end of watch,
368:17:567 Robbery suspect spotted by victim walking on 17th Street towards the Capitol. Victor 32 checking area.
370:12:352 End of audio recording.



Some pretty serious charges are implied by what you read on this page.  Is there any reason to believe this represents a pattern:

The beauty of technology merged with people who are passionate in their belief a small group of people can change the world, is that we can al learn from the past. In that way, the intent of the California Constitution's Public Records Act means something:   The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist they may retain control over the instruments they have created.
Not too many years ago, a council member a statement on the public record: his well intentioned statement about smaller patrol areas and the sector maps I provided him, clearly showed a Deputy Chief supplied him with inaccurate maps! He relied on that data for his comments on the public record.
Council members should remember when Chief Venegas and City Manager Bob Thomas claimed we only had 14 vacancies in the police department yet their own internal documents proved they had 83 unfilled vacancies in patrol alone? and

Council members should also remember when there was the discussion about eliminating "Minimum Staffing" because a) The city didn't want the overtime and b) There weren't enough officers to fill each district patrol car. And remember, no one questioned the earlier issued of unfilled vacancies.  Hear the City Manager deny that "Minimum Staffing was dumped by SPD. We pay the price today! 

Is what you have read and listened to on this page, a third strike against information provided to the citizens of this city by the very people we entrust with our safety?

E-mail your comments to include in our formal complaint:




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