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   In Memory and Honor of Sacramento Police Officer Billy Bean Jr.




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In Officer Bean's Memory

These young people honored Sacramento Police Officer William (Billy) Bean Jr. tonight. Our District 3 Patrol Sergeant called in to greet and thank them as well.


Crimewatch vows to honor his sacrifice by fighting for his peers.




It was a Parolee at Large
who Murdered Officer Bean!


Please allow us to share 7 minutes
with you as this tragedy plays out.


This is not a new Topic for Crimwatch!


A Sacramento federal judge has struck down the part of California's Victims' Bill of Rights that governs parole revocation. The law was enacted by voter approval of Proposition 9 in 2008 by ballot initiative. SOURCE

Governor Jerry Brown more likely to allow the release of paroled killers from prison! Brown let stand 331 of 405 (82 percent) of decisions to parole convicted killers by the state Board of Parole Hearings last year.

By comparison, Arnold Schwarzenegger permitted the release of only 27 percent of paroled killers. Gray Davis' numbers were even lower  about 2 percent. SOURCE


Officer William C. Bean Jr.

Officer William C. Bean Jr.
Sacramento Police Department

Date of Birth: April 8, 1970
Date Appointed: April 10, 1995
End of Watch: February 9, 1999

A tribute page to Billy

It is not how Officer Bean died that makes him a hero, It is how he lived! (Words adopted from the DC Wall)

Community Watch preserved a record of this tragic incident. The following was shared with law enforcement officers all over the country as it unfolded. The  edited audio record from Sacramento PD radio, begins with the Code 900 and ends with Wright's capture  It will stream on this page as you read.


Subject: CODE 900 - Officer Down
From: SCCW
To: All
Date Posted: Tues, Feb 09, 1999 at 21:06:40 (PST)

Message: ATTENTION SPD OFF DUTY OFFICERS - Code 900 Officer down as of 8:25 p.m.

NORTH AREA - Officer is in route via Life Flight - condition unknown.
Channel 4 is dedicated to the search for the suspect.

CP setting up at Knightlinger, south of Morey. The officer was shot across from 704 South Ave.  

Shooting Scene as of 10:50 p.m.



With great sadness and our condolences, we report that officer Billy Bean has died from wounds sustained by a suspected 9mm semi auto handgun. Family and friends are with SPD staff and chaplains.

Media reports attributed to the PIO that a possible suspect was involved in the stop that took this officer's life have been recanted at the moment. The alleged suspect called the Sheriff's Department to advise he'd been home all evening.

We will update information as it happens. Audio recording began within seconds of the event.

11:08 Officers and K-9 are checking a prowler report where resident reported that someone knocked on her rear door shortly after shots were fired (resident at 700 block of Kesner). Resident reports garage door was open and is now closed. A house to house search and evacuation is underway, supported by Sheriff's H20 and SPD Air-1 copters. Suspect is described as a male black adult, tall (5-10 to 6 feet) The officers originally attempted to make a traffic stop on the suspect's vehicle. There was a short "slow speed failure to yield" according to Deputy Chief Larry Gibbs. The vehicle stopped. The officer in the passenger seat of the unit approached when the fatal shots were fired from the suspect's vehicle or in a foot pursuit immediately thereafter.

11:35 p.m. - There has been reports pouring in from concerned and watchful residents about barking dogs and unusual sounds in backyards. PD, CHP and Sheriffs are following up on each. The house to house continues, reaching to within three houses of the original shooting scene. In a bizarre turn Sheriff's are detaining a suspect sought in connection another SPD 187 (homicide) from March 1998. The subject was trying to exit the tight perimeter when he caught the attention of Sheriffs' deputies.

11:50 p.m. - The lengthy search is taking its toll on police equipment. Batteries are fading for radios and flashlights. The swat vans and Command Post are arranging back up as needed. The efforts of all personnel are clearly focused on apprehending this armed and dangerous cop killer. Our prayers are with you all. Updates as they emerge. We've received one call from a former SPD officer who works down south. Keep checking in bud, we'll try our best to keep you all posted. If you need to call - use the hotline 916-448-2169 or 916-444-0103 for a radio feed.

00:05 a.m. Officers have just cleared 717 South Ave as their house to house search of the inner perimeter continues. Officers obviously have not had Code7 chow all evening, hot coffee is being distributed to some by CSO's and PD is asking the City to open the community center for support and logistics. Meanwhile, CHP and Sheriffs are assisting Sector 4 with calls for service. The teamwork couldn't be more evident than it is now, sad that it's brought on by such tragic circumstances.

00:10 a.m. The search continues Early news reports about the vehicle pursuit make us wonder about what happened to the car? The unit had ran a plate that came back to an Oldsmobile just before the stop. It's unknown if detectives have followed up on that lead.

00:20 a.m. PD is looking for a vehicle that attempted to black out and leave the area while other leads continue to flow into the Communications Center. Sheriffs and SWAT are following up on each. A caller just advised that her phones and lights just went out and her dogs are barking in the 2000 block of Renee Ave.

00:45 a.m. Air units are going down for fuel and crew changes. They will be resuming in a few. Off duty officers are calling in to volunteer for relief and search teams. The inner perimeter has been all but cleared as the pattern stretched outward. I'll be taking a break unless there is a hot development.

01:10 a.m. H-20 is back on scene. There was some traffic earlier as I reviewed audio logs on the computer. It seem the registered owner of a possible suspect vehicle called SPD to complain that the person that had her car had not returned home and was missing. Detectives must be working that lead because we've heard nothing further. One would think, if you had a vehicle, K-9 would have been hot on the trail from scents left behind. Just a few minutes ago, a more detailed description of the suspect and his clothing was updated. We're left to assume that came from the officer's partner or back up.

01:20 a.m. Search teams have broken up into two teams as the area spreads. Officers are checking an attic in a house, alerted to something suspicious. K-9 is checking a crawl space. 01:25 a.m. Radio traffic on both 4 and 5 and Tac 1 has ground to a halt. I'd like to have uploaded the initial moments of the call, but the file is to large to even load into memory. The log which pauses when there's no traffic, is 2 hours forty six minutes of continuous audio. We I figure out how to parse it, it will be available. I can't imagine how SPD officers handle this so calmly after the initial call.

1:30 a.m. Break may have just come ... green pants or shorts believed to have been worn by the suspect have been found under a car at 704 Kestner... Beeper on ... Suspect located ... at gunpoint!

1:32 a.m. Suspect in custody .. weapon recovered!!!! More in a minute !!!!

1:35 a.m. A field show-up is being set up, but officers continue the search and are maintaining the perimeter. We're just now learning that another suspect has been detained from earlier and IV units say he's an integral part of the investigation. The suspect taken into custody had shed clothing... except the red cap and the weapon. Lincoln 4 just had KMA announce the field show-up was about to take place and that a Code 10 could be issued as early as twenty minutes from now. DC Gibbs asked KMA to inquire if the suspect had be injured in the course of arrest??? It's now suggested that the second subject held for investigation may be Christopher Wright, the earlier named suspect. There was some speculation earlier that the shooter had told officers his name was Christopher Wright before the foot pursuit took place. Detail are still sketchy at best.

01:53 a.m. Sam-1 just called for a tow of the SPD unit and the suspect vehicle... guess that solves the vehicle mystery. Channel 4 announced Positive I.D. on the shooter. Code -10 on the search but the perimeter is being held because local media has broken out of the Community Center press staging area and were seen trying to get inside the crime scene. Units are awaiting the Code-10 so that weary evacuated residents can be shuttled back to their homes. As this winds down, I'm still scratching my head about a call I got after the 11 o'clock news. "They really go all out when a cop gets shot" the caller said. Well, maybe she learned something ... What's happened here tonight is proof how little many of the public you serve, really understands what you're doing out there for them. Sure, everybody wanted to see this guy go down ... but the people who live on Kesner and Knigthlinger must appreciate the massive lock down of the area, evacuations right under the armed suspects nose from his place of hiding. You kept an armed and dangerous fugitive from escaping or taking as hostage some curious resident.

02:25 a.m. Residents are returning home ... safe from harm's way. One Sacramento Police Officer goes with God tonight ... the ultimate sacrifice to the citizens he served. You are in our prayers as are your loved ones, family and fellow officers.

The Jury is out.... it took nearly five years to reach this point. 

I can't begin to imagine what it's been like for the family even though I've set behind them in court on a few occasions as defense lawyers stalled and delayed time and time again.  Today, the jury ask for a day off.  They will resume on Monday.

Four years, eight months later, here's what the jury, the family and concerned citizens have heard and will have to consider.

Some Media Coverage bothers us at SCCW:

Case of slain police officer goes to the jury

By Ramon Coronado -- Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 a.m. PDT Thursday, October 16, 2003

Faced with going back to prison for carrying a gun, parolee Dundell Wright instead chose to shoot it out with Sacramento police officers when they pulled him over in a traffic stop, a prosecutor said Wednesday in closing arguments of the capital murder trial.

"The gun was his ticket to prison," Deputy District Attorney Michael Savage said of the 9 mm Glock pistol Wright had tucked in his waistband.

"This man made a conscious decision that he was not going back and as a result Officer Bill Bean Jr. is dead," Savage said in the courtroom filled with relatives and friends of Bean and Wright.

There is no dispute that Wright's bullet killed the 28-year-old officer Feb. 9, 1999, but defense attorney Donald Masuda told jurors that the shooting in Del Paso Heights was in self-defense.

"It all comes down to who shot first," said Masuda, who claims that Bean's partner, Officer David Bryan Hogge, provoked Wright into running because he "gets a rush from the chase."

"If Hogge fired first it means an acquittal," Masuda said during closing arguments that spanned two days and ended Wednesday afternoon.

The Sacramento Superior Court jury of seven men and five women begin their first full day of deliberation this morning.

If convicted of first-degree murder with two special circumstances of killing a police officer and avoiding a lawful arrest, the 39-year-old parolee will enter the penalty portion of his trial, in which he faces sentences of execution by lethal injection or life in prison with no parole.

Wright's fate was placed in the hands of jurors after a month-long trial that largely pitted Wright's testimony against the testimony of Hogge, a 17-year veteran with the Police Department who since the shooting has been promoted to sergeant.

Bean was killed by a single bullet that struck him under the arm in an area not protected by his body armor and entered his chest, severing the aorta. He died in less than a minute, according to testimony.

Savage told jurors Wright had everything he wanted. He had a girlfriend, he had drugs, he had a gun and, most of all, he had his freedom.

Wright was pulled over about 8:20 p.m. for having a cracked windshield. Officers also suspected he was driving a stolen car, Savage said.

When asked to identify himself, Wright lied, giving his brother's name, Christopher. Then, he sped off. But his engine quit and the car crawled to a stop on South Avenue near Knightlinger Street, the prosecutor said.

Hogge, who was driving, testified that he spotted a gun in Wright's hand and yelled out "gun," to his partner as they both jumped from their car. Bean was shot and dropped in the gutter as Wright bolted through an open field. Hogge fired at least four shots with his Sig Sauer pistol, missing Wright. Wright was caught hiding hours later.

In Wright's version of the incident, he got out of his disabled car as Hogge and Bean were arguing. When he fled, Hogge opened fire with three to four shots in rapid succession. He fired back as he ran, Wright testified.

"There would be a pause if Dundell fired first," Masuda said of shell casings that showed Wright's gun fired three bullets.

Several neighbors testified they heard a rapid succession of gunfire.

Masuda accused Hogge of overreacting, having an attitude, using racial slurs and "shaving the truth" to the fit the evidence. He urged jurors not to be biased against his client, who admitted in his testimony he routinely lied to police to stay out of trouble.

"When the liar tells the truth and the one you expect to tell the truth is lying what do you do? You find him (Wright) not guilty," Masuda said.

The prosecutor, raising his voice as he spoke, accused Masuda of taking statements out of context and twisting the facts.

Savage described the defense case as something out of "Alice in Wonderland" that attempted to turn reality upside down.

"Evil is good and good is evil?" Savage asked the jury rhetorically.

The prosecutor's words prompted two women who were among Wright's friends and relatives to stomp out of the courtroom.

Savage, who described the rapid succession of bullets as crossfire, told jurors that it is Wright who is lying.

"His scenario is absolute hogwash," Savage said.

"It comes down to credibility. Who do you believe? This defendant or Sgt. Hogge?" Savage said pointing at Wright.

SCCW Joins in these feelings.


Police, Deputies Upset Over Dundell Wright Verdict

Wright Likely To Be Sentenced To Life In Prison Without Possibility Of Parole

Sacramento police officers and sheriff's deputies are angry and upset following the verdict in Dundell Wright trial.

Wright was facing the death penalty for killing Sacramento police Officer Bill Bean Jr., but the jury decided on second-degree murder with three special circumstances Wednesday night, which spared Wright's life.

"Many of our officers are calling me, and they're outraged," said Sacramento Police Officers Association spokesman Dave Topaz. "It sends a message to those people who would like to get away from us -- if they have committed crimes -- that they're not going to pay the ultimate penalty for killing a cop."

Wright was arrested after he shot Bean in February 1999. Wright's attorney, Donald Madsuda, told jurors during the course of the case that Bean's partner touched off a racially motivated incident by unjustly targeting Wright for harassment and for shooting at him first when Wright tried to escape. Madsuda said Wright was defending himself. It was an assertion that at least one juror believed.

Sacramento police Detective Toni Sall spoke to the jury Wednesday night. The jury was deadlocked 11-1 for eight days.

"So they spent a tremendous amount of time up until the last hour, actually, trying to establish enough information so that they could bring her (the dissenting juror) on board to believe that -- in fact -- Officer Bill Bean had been murdered by Dundell Wright."

Prosecutors, Bean's family and fellow officers were shocked Wednesday night by the lesser verdict.

"I am very disappointed today with the verdict," Sacramento Police Chief Albert Najera said Wednesday night. "This is not what we wanted to hear. This is not what we expected to hear. Bill Bean was killed in cold blood. He was gunned down trying to do what we do best. He was trying to protect his community out there."

Legal experts said they believed Wright would receive a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.



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