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Community Policing,Community Watch,Law Enforcement, internet crime taskforce,crime news,Parole Issues,Crime Prevention,COPS Grants,Public Records,Police Staffing,Officer Safety,Traffic Enforcement,Megan's Law,Cyber Crime,Identity Theft,Discussion Forums,Caught On Tape,Behind the Badge,National Night Out,Second Amendment,Crime WebCams,Cyber Stalkers,Graffiti Abatement,Dumb Criminals,Success Stories,Restitution,Online Academy
07/07/2014 11:17:19 AM

Kathleen Renee DeSpain Moore


Rebels With a Cause Foundation
Kross Kountry-4-Kids
Army of Angels
What's Next? Just in...
"Heart to Heart"
from the 1990's Ms. Moore?

You may have reached this NON-INDEXED page as the result of a search engine hit or referral from someone NOT connected with PDN, Inc. or as an alleged victim of Ms. Moore. Others may have promoted this page, we have not. Contrary to some rumors being circulated and as the author of this page, I am NOT a law enforcement officer even though I have served them in various capacities for 40+ years.


Patriot Defenders Network, while appreciative of efforts by individual members of the disbanded Rebels With a Cause motorcycle club and many newer organizations of Kathleen Moore's invention, questions remain unanswered concerning otherwise highly suspect nonprofit charities run by Kathleen Renee De Spain Moore like Rebels With a Cause Foundation and currently, Army of Angels.

I will no longer stand silent!

Ms. Moore: You are a liar, a fabricator, a fraud and a disturbed person who has taken advantage of other's personal pain, kindness and generosity for your own evil self-serving purposes. Now you are victimizing people who have lost a family member in some of the most violent of crimes imaginable. To manipulate or take advantage of those whose deep loss will live with them forever... there are no words suitable for public display.

While I prayed you had changed your ways and sought forgiveness from the many people you have hurt or attempted to slander, we have EVIDENCE you did it again to a patriot, a friend and candidate for elective office last year and new victims in 2013! The FACTS speak to your history Ms. Moore.

NOTICE TO MS. MOORE!  I challenge you to make a claim of libel or slander in a court of law. Many of us would love nothing better than to cross-examine you under oath.

My name is David Jenest, CEO of Patriot Defenders Network, Inc. www.patriotwatch.com  and Director of Crimewatch.us. As webmaster, I am the sole owner and publisher of this page. Ms. Moore, contrary to statements you and your stooges have made to others, no one else has authoring access to this page. I stand by every word published on this page, have quoted, without editing, those you victimized and have the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE to support every FACT stated herein.


Just in 7-7-14 and pending full vetting from its seemingly reliable source:

1990's Ms. Moore's supposed professional PR talents used to gain "day job" employment while being a stripper at night in a Sacramento adult club on Alhambra Blvd. (Believed to be Club 21 at the time) Her show of gratitude for a real job? Suing her employer for sexual harrassment? That's the charge and claim it caused 150 fellow employees their jobs when the firm's insurance company didn't want to fight the case in court and settled it in a six figure award.

Ms. Moore's latest ventures? BE CAUTIOUS! ASK QUESTIONS!
Devil or Angel? You make the call!


Moore is promoting this event at:

I have moved content from our parent corporate website now that Ms. Moore seems to be focusing on police officers. Crimewatch is now actively seeking information about "Team Captains" in this latest venture. History has shown Moore will latch on to legitimate charities or projects before finding a way to exploit them for her own agenda or financial gain. Proof of that FACT follows.



From these rather questionable people, anyone can buy 50,000 Facebook "Likes" for $1100. Did Moore?


Webmaster Note: For many years Ms. Moore claimed to be a  Public Relations PROFESSIONAL. Her email address at that time may provide a clue:

prpersonfromhell@juno.com - really?

August 21, 2013: We recently learned Ms. Moore has been receiving monthly payments from a nonprofit for "Professional PR services" while having no business licenses, Tax ID or legitimate business entity.

Saturday July 13, 2013: In the last several weeks I have been contacted by several individuals who participated in events or volunteered for activities connected to Moore's Army of Angels. I have told each, as I have in years past, if you're willing to put your NAME on this page along with your allegations, I will share it.


July 19, 2013: From Public Records and victim's own sworn statements in San Diego courts, evidence of a fraudulent lease a new Mercedes and judgments against Moore for defaulting on personal loans. Steve Bauman's three records are available anyone with a need to know and thumbnail will be posted here soon.

That's nothing new Ms. Moore! Sacramento Country Court Records are full of lawsuits against you and your Moore Communication firm.

I make no assumptions on the legitimacy or integrity of new organizations she claims to be raising funds through appeals from the new face of Kathleen Renee DeSpain Moore. BE FOREWARNED!


(photo copied from the public domain - Photo Credit: Carrie Calligan of Carrie Ayn Photography)

NOTICE TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS of one such charity: You have seen the FACTS, the NAMED victims have stepped forward and there is a clear history. You allowed her to use YOUR NAME to recruit volunteers as of Friday, August 17, 2013.

CL sacramento all community volunteers

Posted: 2013-08-17, 2:15PM PDT

Volunteer At Center For Kids Sept. 7th (Sacramento)

Volunteers wanted to help revitalize center for special needs youngsters REDACTED Sacramento,CA. 95825 Saturday September 7th Noon-5 P.M. Assistance needed with repairs,painting,organizing,cleaning and re-stocking supplies. Can also use help with refreshments for crew. Contact 916-583-1322 REDACTED www.armyofangels.biz .

·       Location: Sacramento

·       it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

·       it's OK to distribute this charitable volunteerism opportunity for inclusion in 3rd party web sites that have been approved by craigslist

Posting ID: 4008537960

Posted: 2013-08-17, 2:15PM PDT

I leave it to the reader to seek answers to questions. Ms. Moore has a proven history of dodging them and then attacking the questioners.

Is it about Abused Children or

Photo Capture from the PUBLIC DOMAIN - Moore's Facebook Army of Angels.




Kross Kountry-4-Kids A Journey-4-Justice Team Member Agreement
2014 Two Week Caravan of Hope Set To Depart Sunday March 30th

As an official 2014 Kross Kountry-4-Kids A Journey-4-Justice team member you are serving as an Army Of Angels ambassador working to strengthen society and build more caring communities for kids. This two week formal and peaceful demonstration on behalf of children around the world works to involve more individuals, groups, businesses and organizations in protecting young people. Our Kross Kountry-4-Kids A Journey-4-Justice team members are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct:

*Promote the ride and it’s purpose before during and after in a positive manner. Using social media and other outreach to encourage the involvement of others. 

*Represent Army Of Angels, Kross Kountry-4-Kids A Journey-4-Justice and related parties in a respectful manner avoiding comments or behaviors which are chaotic, critical or can be construed as conduct unbecoming to these individuals, groups or the cause. 

*Consider the safety of yourself and other team members as a priority at all times on the road. Including one another’s emotional and mental well being. Working to resolve any conflict rapidly and in a peaceful-positive manner.

 *Participate in related events such as opening ceremonies in Sacramento departure weekend, road activities such as the DC rally and welcome home celebration.

 *You agree to distribute team cards, blue ribbons and other items on the trip as you meet and greet Americans, connecting them with the cause and program. Using only items approved by Army Of Angels ride producer Kathleen Moore.

* Kross Kountry-4-Kids Journey-4-Justice team members are responsible for all of their own expenses (gas, meals, repairs, souvenirs…) except for the 12 scholarship riders each year who receive double occupancy accommodations along the route so long as they make it to said scheduled destination. Of course team members are at times treated to meals and x-tra perks, this is however always a bonus and not to be expected.

 *Each team member will pay $150. towards the Kross Kountry-4-Kids A Journey-4-Justice 2014 outreach fund on or before February 1st 2014 in order to assist with products for the run that help further call attention to this group as well as the cause.

 *All team members will participate in a team meeting Saturday March 29th and execute a full waiver of liability at that time as well as agree to adhere to route and policies reviewed by road captains.

 Please sign and date here that you have read, understood and agree to the above terms. Complete section bellow and return by U.S. Mail to: Kathleen Moore-Army Of Angels 5690 Mesa Verde Circle Rocklin,CA. 95677.

Full Name:
Date Of Birth:
Mailing Address:
Phone Number:
E-Mail Address:
Mode of travel (vehicle or bike, make-model etc…):

All team members must affirm they are in adequate health to make the trip and also operate a Facebook page where they will help promote the ride and cause. If for any reason you do not already have a Facebook page please let us knows and an intern will be assigned to you to create one. 

Contact Kathleen Moore at 916-583-1322  www.armyofangels.biz

On Tuesday April 3, 2012 at 9:20 PM we received an email request from a third party who had placed a link to this page in the public domain Facebook.com. As a result of that posting we have been contacted by other individuals seeking information about the alleged beneficiary of an event produced by Ms. Moore. Since the event was almost identical to one she has orchestrated for the former Operation Homefront Sacramento military nonprofit and funds for that Home Front Heroes Gala appear to have been diverted by Ms. Moore, I have responded.

We were told by people involved in the April 1, 2012 National Child Abuse Prevention Month Gala and its associated Kross Kountry-4-Kids motorcycle run, the funds would benefit The Klaas Kids Foundation and Wynspring.

Statement of Ms. Ruthi Wolfson: 8-31-2013

To everyone who visits this website to verify any information given to them by myself, Ruthi Wolfson, or from the posts onto the Army of Angels sites about Crime Watch, that I, myself, have posted I would like to make it known, that Crime Watch US & the Patriot Defenders Network website are all owned by David Jenest. It is with his permission, that I have let others know about the website that has enormous amounts of evidence against Army of Angels and it's founder, Kathleen Renee DeSpain Moore.

I personally do know, face to face Ms. Moore. When I was acting President of a local motorcycle rights organization, Ms. Moore donated time to help me acquire media attention for the 2012 State Motorcycle Rally at the State Capitol, here in Sacramento, CA. In return for her help, I would volunteer to work with Army of Angels.  

I met Ms. Moore at the Polly Klaas Foundation Awards ceremony back in 2010 at a hotel in Rocklin.  It was not until I moved to Sacramento that we reconnected & started working together in 2012.

For her helping me to find media coverage I was asked to post on her Facebook Army of Angels page what a great organization she was running. I did so at her request & after working with the organization, I recanted & deleted my posting.

I was invited by invitation only to a black tie affair March 30, 2013 to the Army of Angels award ceremony. Kathleen Moore bragged about how John Walsh from "America's Most Wanted" was to be a guest speaker at the gala & was to get an award. 

At the gala, it was said he would be on Skype. Well, gala went well into the night & John Walsh, on Eastern Time had no intentions of being on Skype to talk to anyone at this gala. Roger Chiang, Johns exec director, told me the next day that John has no idea HOW to even use Skype. This whole guest speaker idea was a way for Kathleen Moore to get more people interested in paying $150/seat to meet & greet John Walsh.

At first, he was to be there in person. At Gala, it was stated he couldn't make it & sent Roger & then he would be on Skype.

All Lies.

I sat at the table with both of Kathleen Moore's parents & a few other members of Army of Angels.

The next day, I offered to help out at the send off of the bikers leaving for Washington, DC, for the moving Quilt Project.  My husband & I were the first ones there & then joined by a few others who helped us set up the dining room. We were all asked to bring food to feed the bikers before the send off.  We took lots photos, mostly groups photos to post on the Army of Angels website. There were less than 10 bikes that left that day, and I later found out, only one of them made it to DC because all of the funding that Kathleen Moore promised to the bikers, was just a lie. 

Kathleen Moore told my husband & myself to sign up for next years ride & to fill out a scholarship form to be paid for gas, eats & hotel. Well, bikers this year said they had to pay out of their own pockets for these things as there is actually NO scholarship money given to the bikers at all. So then where does the donation money go to?

In a July 9, 2013, conversation with Candy Steven's the cohost of the Army of Angels talk show & the designer of the moving Quilt, Candy Steven's revealed to me that both she & Kathleen Moore do not use a company bank account, that all of the money goes into their own personal bank accounts. Candy stated in an email to me, that Kathleen had told her she did not need a tax ID or need to use a 501c3 to sell products for Army of Angels.

I had tried since April 2013, to get information from Kathleen Moore at her home. I wanted to see the tax ID & the 501c3 papers.  She said we could use those provided to her from both Wynspring Foster Care Resources & the Marc Klaas Foundation.  I told her in order to run a legitimate organization, she needs to apply for her own Tax ID, Register the group name (which is already used by another CA based organization & is registered as a CA fictitious name with the state). I told her she needs to apply for her own 501c3 to be legal.

All Kathleen Moore answered me was that it was all good. Well, after telling her I had contacted the Franchise Tax Board & Secretary of State to find out her organization is not legal, nor is is a charitable organization here in the US at all, what so ever; Kathleen Moore started telling people that I was personally under investigation.

The day I spoke to Candy Stevens, Candy Stevens called Kathleen Moore, as did a few other people. One being Joseph E. Sullivan aka Chaplain Critter, who told myself & my husband that he was taking over Army of Angels & had appointed himself president, as well named a few other people his appointed staff. After explaining to him that he needs to have a vote on positions; apply for Tax ID & 501c3, he then called Kathleen Moore to tell her I was doing a hostile takeover of her organization.  These words were also told to me by Candy Stevens, from Las Vegas, NV.

I attest to the fact, that I have never mentioned to do a hostile takeover of Army of Angels. I also am upset that I sent Candy Stevens $90 for two back vest patches that are now no good, because the organization does not exist except on Facebook.

I received an email yesterday from Velvet Martin of Edmonton, Canada, who states that she does not personally know Kathleen Moore or Candy Stevens, but was asked to run their Edmonton, CN, chapter.  Because of her email to me, and the conversation she had to with Candy Stevens, stating I have allegedly made these accusations & that I am the author of this website, I made it a point to contact David Jenest in regards to all accusations thrown out there by both Ms. Stevens & Ms. Moore.

I am electronically signing this email with my contact information for anyone who has further questions.

Ms. Ruthi Wolfson, RN, BSN, TNS, LNC (Retired)
Cell Phone: 916-849-4075


Let's look back, shall we?


Candidate Bret Daniels
Remember that name Ms. Moore?

Mr. Daniel's statement and we have the email you sent him!

"In late 2009, Kathleen Moore solicited me to host, as a candidate for elective office, a major media event involving Marc Klaas and his Polly Klaas Foundation. The event was designed to kick-off the start of National Child Abuse Prevention (NCAPM) Month in April 2010. Duties she asked of me included selecting and inviting a known media personality to emcee the event, selecting three event coordinators, finding vendors, attending meetings, comparing caterers, soliciting silent auction donations, etc.

Over the next few months, which was a very busy time for me as the June election approached, I exchanged perhaps a couple hundred e-mails, tons of phone calls and scheduled/attended many meetings leading up to the event.

Ms. Moore: Who is S. Myers - N.C.A.P.M. Security Team? PRODUCE this man! I want to see him face to face. I will show him the email sent in his name for your “gala” saying our emcee and I would not be allowed to enter the building where the event I helped you produce was held. You see Ms. Moore, I know YOU were the author of the email sent to me the day before the event.”

Another liar Ms. Moore? Gosh, there are so many....

It is not our responsibility to evaluate or judge other nonprofit organizations. Visitors are free to examine the most recent public documents linked below and make their own decisions with respect to supporting them or Ms. Moore's website http://armyofangels.biz


 EQUAL TIME: This is Ms. Moore's rebuttal published on Facebook a public domain.
     (The last sentence was cut off and not available at this time)

"I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been so supportive during a recent challenging situation. As most of you know a guest from National Child Abuse Prevention Month Opening ceremonies returned from the activities to begin attacking Army Of Angels as well as myself on line (Via her Facebook page).Making one defamatory remark right after the other. 

Along with her attack she included a link to a page posted on the internet years back by a man who had become angry with me after he was removed from his position with an area organization (I was one of the board members who voted him off), showing documents filed in an attempt to defame me, all of which were deemed to be without merit by authorities. 

Additionally this party suggested that Army Of Angels and or myself had skimmed money off proceeds raised for our charities during these special events. An allegation which is beyond outrageous: Army Of Angels does not even have a bank account (we are a coalition that works to eliminate crimes against children) and I have openly offered to have my bank records reviewed by appropriate parties, though neighther of the charities benefiting nor regulatory authorities have requested I do so. Not only did I not ask for or receive a dime to produce this 50 state campaign, I spent quite a bit of my own money making it happen, paying for postage,copies,sponsor meals, child care and even my own hotel and ground transportation to stay near the venue during out March 31st/April 1st events.

As a single mommy of 10 who’s primary priority is raising my precious children I have limited resources. That being said please let it be known I will not tolerate anyone bullying myself or the wonderful organization I have been blessed enough to built-Army Of Angels. We remain cohesive and focused on our mission of eliminating crimes against children. Anyone who may have questions regarding this matter is more than…”

Webmaster Note:  Physical Evidence will show Ms. Moore's statement regarding 1) a termination she claims to have voted for and 2) lack of merit as viewed by authorities, to be false. Even after Ms. Moore resigned, the legitimate Board of Directors acted as a unified body to seek a remedy for violations of California Corporation Codes and California Government Codes. California has a long history of being a safe haven for questionable military charities.  Judge our merits based on the small sample of EVIDENCE that follows and here for a more detailed account.

FACT: Initially, Ms. Moore's Rebel's with a Cause members were great partners for some of Patriotwatch.com projects and those of Operation Homefront Sacramento, Inc. PDN's board and OHSac's legitimate board members still communicate and work to support our mission. I DO NOT seek out former members of Rebels With a Cause or any of Moore's other "charities" ... they have contacted me ON THIER OWN! And AGAIN... easch is told the same thing: "if you're willing to put your NAME on this page along with your allegations, I will share it."


Unlike many of Ms. Moore's highly suspect and incompetently operated "charities" we are an all volunteer entity whose roots go back to the year 1999. After Ms. Moore and two of her associates destroyed an honorable California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, Patriotwatch, originally founded in 1999, incorporated and is still active as evidenced below.

100% of our donations go the projects, military families and wounded warriors we aid. See samples on this page: CASEWORK

Our small monthly overhead is paid by me with assistance from our national volunteers.

Data is updated weekly and is current as of Friday, July 19, 2013. It is not a complete or certified record of the entity.
Entity Number: C2997925
Date Filed: 05/16/2007
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 1818 H STREET, UNIT 1
Entity City, State, Zip: SACRAMENTO CA 95811-2146
Agent for Service of Process: DAVID M JENEST
Agent Address: 1818 H STREET, UNIT 1
Agent City, State, Zip: SACRAMENTO CA 95811-2146



FACT: RWC Foundation had NEVER filed with the AG as required by law.

FACT: RWC Foundation is NOT tax exempt according to the IRS.

On file with the California Secretary of State: VERIFY YOURSELF! CLICK HERE

Data is updated weekly and is current as of Friday, April 06, 2012. It is not a complete or certified record of the entity.
Entity Number: C2746428
Date Filed: 05/06/2005
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 11837 BLUSHING CIRCLE
Entity City, State, Zip: RANCHO CORDOVA CA 95742
Agent for Service of Process: KATHLEEN DESPAIN MOORE
Agent Address: 11837 BLUSHING CIRCLE
Agent City, State, Zip: RANCHO CORDOVA CA 95742
Data is updated weekly and is current as of Friday, April 06, 2012. It is not a complete or certified record of the entity.
Entity Number: C2723483
Date Filed: 03/04/2005
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 3563 PETER ISLAND RD
Entity City, State, Zip: WEST SACRAMENTO CA 95691
Agent for Service of Process: MARK A LELAND
Agent Address: 3563 PETER ISLAND RD
Agent City, State, Zip: WEST SACRAMENTO CA 95691

Number: C2723483  Date Filed: 3/4/2005
Jurisdiction: California
Agent for Service of Process

Rebels With A Cause Foundation IRS Employer Identification Number 73-1731171

Per Ms. Chandler, IRS Employee ID # 17-52729 as of June 29, 2007:

Rebels With a Cause is not nor has ever been, an exempt foundation or corporation approved by the IRS.

Per Ms. Webster, IRS Employee ID # 17-52098 as of July 2, 2007:

Having been founded for more than 27 months and not granted tax exempt status, Rebels With a Cause Foundation will be liable for corporate income tax on all income since March 2005 if it raised more that $5,000.

Source: http://www.irs.gov/charities/article/0,,id=139494,00.html

FACT: While serving as a director and committee chairman for Operation Homefront Sacramento, Inc. Ms. Moore, without approval or knowledge of its Chief Financial Officer, advertised a fundraiser intended to support military families in crisis. (Emphasis added by highlighting key issues)

Please join us for the

 Home Front Heroes Gala 2007 

A very special part of the

Coast To Coast Capital To Capital National Military Appreciation Month Campaign

 6:00 PM, May 4, 2007

 “The Grand” Ballroom, 1215 J Street, Sacramento 

Reception with cocktails (no host)

Silent Auction


Guest Speaker, Brian Shul (5,000 Air Force fighter jet hours)

Awards Presentation


$125 per person or $1,250 for a table of ten

 All attending will receive a drawing ticket to win a
2007 deluxe Coast Line Manufacturing-American Dream Machine motorcycle

 Proceeds benefit

Capital To Capital-Coast To Coast National Military Appreciation Month Campaign


Operation Homefront, Sacramento, Inc. 

Semi-formal attire with a patriotic theme suggested



Please reserve seating with Kathleen DeSpain-Moore, Chairwoman, (916) 628-3180 

Checks payable to:
Rebels With A Cause Foundation

Mailed to:
Home Front Heroes Gala 2007, Attn: Kathleen
C/O National Military Appreciation Month Campaign
4432 Oxwood Drive
Sacramento CA 95826-5631

All participants will receive a “letter of receipt” with non-profit #’s for tax purposes.


Freedom - America’s Promise Now & Forever


NEXT: The Home Front Heroes Gala in the Sacramento Bee claiming “Rebels with a Cause Foundation is producing the gala.”

There is no mention of Operation Homefront Sacramento, Inc.

Published 9:34 am PDT Thursday, April 26, 2007

Upcoming events

National Military Appreciation Month Campaign. The Home Front Heroes Gala, part of the capital-to-capital ride across America, will be at 6 p.m. May 4 at the Grand Ballroom, 1215 J St. Included will be no-host cocktails, a silent auction, dinner, an awards presentation, dancing and a talk by Brian Shul, a former Air Force jet pilot and Vietnam veteran. Tickets are $125 per person; call Kathleen DeSpain-Moore at (916) 628-3180. Rebels with a Cause Foundation is producing the gala. Visit www.rebelswithacause.us. (Current Status: NOTICE: This domain name expired on 03/24/2012 and is pending renewal or deletion.)

FACT: CFO told there would be no raffle since it would be in violation California law. CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 319-329

319.  A lottery is any scheme for the disposal or distribution of property by chance, among persons who have paid or promised to pay any valuable consideration for the chance of obtaining such property or a portion of it, or for any share or any interest in such property, upon any agreement, understanding, or expectation that it is to be distributed or disposed of by lot or chance, whether called a lottery, raffle, or gift enterprise, or by whatever name the same may be known.

  320.  Every person who contrives, prepares, sets up, proposes, or draws any lottery, is guilty of a misdemeanor.


(b) For purposes of this section, "raffle" means a scheme for the distribution of prizes by chance among persons who have paid money for paper tickets that provide the opportunity to win these prizes, where all of the following are true:

(1) Each ticket is sold with a detachable coupon or stub, and both the ticket and its associated coupon or stub are marked with a unique and matching identifier.

(2) Winners of the prizes are determined by draw from among the coupons or stubs described in paragraph (1) that have been detached from all tickets sold for entry in the draw.

321.  Every person who sells, gives, or in any manner whatever, furnishes or transfers to or for any other person any ticket, chance, share, or interest, or any paper, certificate, or instrument purporting or understood to be or to represent any ticket, chance, share, or interest in, or depending upon the event of any lottery, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

322.  Every person who aids or assists, either by printing, writing, advertising, publishing, or otherwise in setting up, managing, or drawing any lottery, or in selling or disposing of any ticket, chance, or share therein, is guilty of a misdemeanor.


Each nonprofit organization that intends to conduct a raffle during a year (September 1 through August 31) must complete and submit a raffle registration form Nonprofit Raffle Registration Form - CT-NRP-1  A nonprofit organization that has registered to conduct a raffle must file a separate nonprofit raffle report for each raffle held during the year (September 1 through August 31) Nonprofit Raffle Report - CT-NRP-2 


200 tickets sold to the gala participants were to have been included in the drawing at the Cap to Cap Welcome Home Bash on the South steps of the State Capitol in June. Director Kathleen Rene DeSpain Moore hand delivered the $5,000 check to MMA for the raffle tickets.

FACT! A Director was dismissed for asking about Home Front Heroes Gala income/expenses. Further, two former board members, one of whom was an active duty Colonel, were subjected to very malicious statements by Moore's Gala Committee and after being told the Home Front Heroes Gala made no profit, they were assaulted for asking:

“Does that mean the total that came in for the gala was $35,000?  ($10,000 from the Title Sponsor’s check and the $25,000 from sales)?  Then we paid out at least $5,000 to the Grand Ballroom.  That should leave $30,000 minus whatever other expenses there were.  What was the total bill to the Grand Ballroom and what were the other total expenses?  Or do we know?   Did the $4000 for the deposit on next years gala come from that money?  I assume it did.”

WERE THERE PROFITS? Even the CFO wasn't able to get an answer or would she be told what this check was for. Has the RWC Foundation ever filed state and federal tax returns? This check alone requires they do!

We are not alone! Reprinted with permission from a man of integrity and courage. The only editing that was done was to remove names of other innocent victims in the Rebels With a Cause Foundation Ms. Moore hurt. They too stand ready to attest to the FACTS presented on this page.


July 17, 2007
Mr. Keith Anthony
Operation Homefront
Sacramento, California

Regarding Rebels With a Cause (RWC)

Let me start by saying your concerns are honorable. As a member of the motorcycle community for over 50 years, I’ve seen the good and bad in people who join our groups. What I say here can be given to anyone; IRS, District Attorney or Attorney General, makes no difference to me. Many people have had these questions. It’s time someone acts on them. I have no reason to lie, nothing to gain or lose from being truthful. I have no vendetta with this club or Ms. Moore. I left the club of my own free will because other people were being treated poorly.

I served a two year term as Chapter President of Rebels With a Cause from May 2004 to May 2006. That came about when Ms. Kathleen Rene Moore aka Kathleen DeSpain aka Kathleen DeSpain Moore found it useful for me to be the president. I had not been a member beforehand. I was not elected by anyone. I was just appointed to serve. That's the way Kathleen Moore runs the club.

I asked about the tax exempt status. She gave me an EIN number from the IRS. The financial reports were promised. I never saw them. None of us members were entitled to them nor were they ever discussed in meetings or passed out in paper form while I was a member.

Your organization’s experience is not unlike others. Ms. Moore attaches herself with tales of her professional PR and Fundraising experience. Her email address, prpersonfromhell@juno.com may be as accurate as it is unprofessional. You will find your news releases being about Kathleen and organizations other or more than your own. Worse, she will attribute the news she writes to someone else. She did that with Scott Ivy who replaced me as Chapter President. Another example is attached where she used her daughter’s name as the author. Make no mistake, Kathleen wrote it. Many of us have come to question the many claims she makes in that story based on her actions rather than her self-serving words.

From my own personal experiences, Ms. Moore will use others as her messenger or useful pawns until they start asking questions. When anyone presses the point she gets rid of them. We know of several cases where others were fed and passed on false accusations as a way to get someone out of the club. I gave up my membership and position in Rebels With a Cause because of smoke and mirrors dishonesty from Kathleen, the group's founder. I would not put anything past her.


Chuck Peterson

Where REAL Angels Fear to Tread!



Further research underway in Sacramento County Courts and other California jurisdictions.